Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week of May 16th

This week starts Keystones. From there our schedule will be rearranged for senior finals and then underclassmen finals.  That means we will spend this week finishing up our final units and start reviewing for finals.

Honors English 9:
We will finish our analyzing poetry packet and practice writing different kinds of poems on our own. This unit will culminate in a final graded poem which will be due on Friday, May 20th. Requirements and suggestions for the poem will be distributed on Monday.

This week we will also start reviewing for the final.
Period 1 takes their final on Thursday 5/26. Period 3 takes their final on Friday 5/27.

Because of schedule changes, I will not see an honors English classes on Thursday.

Monday: Complete poetry packet for "Abandoned House"
Tuesday: Brainstorm poem using suggestion sheet
Wednesday: Same as above
Thursday: Finish poem
Friday: Study for final

English 9:
This week we will watch the movie The Birds and complete a writing assignment comparing and contrasting the film to the short story we read last week. This writing assignment will be your last major assignment, besides the final, for the year.

The second half of the week will be spent reviewing for the final exam.
Period 2 takes the final exam on Thursday 5/26. Period 5 takes the final exam on Tuesday 5/31. Period 8 takes the final exam on Wednesday 5/25.

Because of schedule changes, I will not see period 8 on Tuesday. I will not see period 2 on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Finish Venn diagram packet
Thursday: Finish writing assignment
Friday: Revise writing assignment

This week will be spent finishing our current unit and reviewing for the final exam.

Because of schedule changes for Keystones, I will not see periods 4 or 7 on Tuesday. I will not see period 7 on Wednesday. And I will not see period 4 on Thursday or Friday.

Prepare for final.

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