Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2nd to May 6th

As of Monday, the last full month of school is underway! Let's keep working hard and end the year strong.

Honors English 9:
This week we will be writing and editing our Great Expectations essays. Monday will focus on theses, Tuesday quotes and evidence and Wednesday you will draft. Friday you will peer review your essay and the final copy will be due Monday, May 9th.

You will also be taking a test on Great Expectations on Thursday. Please prepare for the test by completing your study guide. Bring any questions you have to class with you before Thursday.

Monday: Complete pages 1 and 2 of study guide
Tuesday: Complete pages 3 and 4 of study guide
Wednesday: Study for Great Expectations test
Thursday: Finish drafting essay
Friday: Edit and revise essay. Print out or email to me by Monday morning.

English 9:
We will finish our work with complements this week. Your test on these is Monday.
On Tuesday, we will start our last short story, "The Birds." We will complete study guides as we read. Most work for "The Birds" will be completed in class.

This week we will finish reading "The Adventures of Odysseus." A test on the story will be given on Friday, May 6th.

This week we will also watch O Brother, Where Art Thou? to compare ancient mythology to contemporary storytelling. This is in preparation for a comparative essay you will write explaining the similarities and differences between the myth and the film. You comparative essay will be due next week.

Wednesday: Study for "Odysseus" test
Thursday: Study for "Odysseus" test
Friday: Draft introductory paragraph for essay

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