Monday, September 12, 2016

Week of 9/12

Can you believe after this week we will be almost halfway through the first marking period? Progress reports are coming up quickly and I hope all of you have been keeping up with your grades in this class and know what you have to do to earn the grade you want. If you have not checked your grade, please do so soon. If you are unable to check your grade, please as me. If you have questions about your grade, please ask me after class or email me. As I said in the beginning of the year, I want everyone to know where they stand so please don't be afraid!

English, this is the week most of us get to shift focus from grammar to literature! I am very excited as this gives us more opportunities for discussion, projects and reading.
Mythology, you get to play teacher for a bit this week as you present your posters. Afterwards, we will move on to the lesser gods of ancient Greece.

Honors English 9
You can expect your Parts of Speech test from last week to be returned to you on Monday or Tuesday.
This week will bring our grammar unit to a close. We will learn about the 3 types of verbs, adverbs, propositions and conjunctions all this week. Most of our notes will be taken on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so if you are absent please be sure to copy them from a classmate. Thursday and Friday we will practice and prepare for a comprehensive test on all of the Parts of Speech next Monday. Please do not wait until the weekend to begin studying. This test covers a lot of material and it would be wise to break your studying into sections throughout the week.

Monday: Review nouns, verbs and adjectives.
Tuesday: Look over notes from action and helping verbs. 
Wednesday: Review notes on prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.
Thursday: Practice using the different types of verbs to prepare for your upcoming test.
Friday: Study all parts of speech for your test on Monday.

English 9
We will start the week with a quiz on nouns, pronouns and adjectives and then move on to learning about other parts of speech. We will spend the majority of our week learning to use and identify all 3 types of verbs. This will culminate in a quiz on verbs on Friday. Please do not wait until Thursday to prepare for this quiz and the types of verbs can be tricky and easily mixed up.

Monday: Look back over nouns, pronouns and adjectives to reinforce what you have learned.
Tuesday: Review action and helping verbs.
Wednesday: Spend a couple minutes looking for sentences with verbs that can be either action or linking. Spot the differences!
Thursday: Study for your test on verbs tomorrow. You will need to know all 3 types as well as how to use and identify them.
Friday: Enjoy the weekend. Read!

We will open the week with student presentations of the posters you created last week. This will serve as a review for our quiz on the Titans and Olympic Gods on Tuesday. The rest of the week we will move into learning about the lesser gods of Mt. Olympus. We will take notes on these gods on Tuesday and Wednesday and review for a quiz on them on Monday. You will also have a theme song project which I will explain during class. This will be due on Friday.

Monday: Study for quiz on Olympic gods.
Tuesday: Review lesser gods notes.
Wednesday: Find theme song for lesser and Olympic gods
Thursday: Find theme song for lesser and Olympic gods
Friday: Study for lesser gods quiz on Monday

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