Monday, September 19, 2016

Week of 9/19

This week English classes will be CDT testing in the computer lab. After our quizzes on Monday and the testing on Tuesday and Wednesday we will get to start our first pieces of literature for the year. I am very excited for the class discussions I anticipate us having!

Mythology classes will begin deeper discussions and practice with the lesser gods of Earth, Demeter and Dionysus. Classes will present on assigned myths and hopefully lively and interesting discussions will follow. These myths served as very interesting explanations for things we experience everyday such as the day/night cycle and seasons.

Honors English 9
The first half of this week is going to be all about testing. I know this can be stressful so be aware that you have exciting pieces of literature and good class discussions waiting for you in the next few weeks! On Wednesday please meet for class in room 934, the computer lab near the library. This is where we will be CDT testing.

Monday: Parts of Speech test
Tuesday: CDT Testing
Wednesday: CDT Testing
Thursday: Introduction to Unit 1: American Voices
Friday: Introduction to A Separate Peace

Monday-Wednesday: Read something you enjoy!
Thursday: Look through Unit 1 of your textbook. Pick 1 think you think looks interesting to you.
Friday: Read pages 1-10 of A Separate Peace

English 9
We will spending Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday testing in class. This can be a stressful time, but please know we will be moving into a novel that will give us a lot to talk about in class discussions and you will hopefully learn from and enjoy. The novel is The Outsiders and many people are familiar with it. There are even very famous quotes in the novel that you have probably heard before!

Monday: Verb quiz
Tuesday: CDT Testing
Wednesday: CDT Testing
Thursday: Introduction to The Outsiders
Friday: Continue reading The Outsiders

Monday-Thursday: Read something you enjoy!
Friday: Review character descriptions and themes for The Outsiders

This week we will focus on two gods that had a massive impact on the daily lives of ancient Greeks: Demeter and Dionysus. You will read an assigned myth and work with your group to create a presentation on that myth. As a group, you will be expected to summarize the myth, answer the questions on the study guide as well as answer discussion questions I will provide you with. You should expect questions from the class and be able to answer them.

Monday: Lesser Gods of Olympus quiz
Tuesday: Read Demeter/ Dionysus myths
Wednesday: Prepare presentations for Thursday
Thursday: Present and discuss myths
Friday: Finish discussions on myths and review for quiz

Tuesday: Finish reading your myth if you have not done so already
Wednesday: Prepare for presentation
Thursday: Complete study guide
Friday: Study for Demeter and Dionysus quiz

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