Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week of 9/6

Hopefully this shortened week will soften the blow of school starting again for all of us. I am proud of the work we did last week and plan to continue with the same academic focus, discipline and most importantly respect throughout the rest of the year.

This week English classes will be given a test on our first three parts of speech: nouns, pronouns and adjectives. You can expect that test late in the week, Thursday or Friday. Mythology classes will also take their first quiz this week and begin our first project, posters for the gods.

Honors English 9
Congratulations! The stress of the summer reading test is behind you.
We will spend this week finishing the notes on nouns, pronouns and adjectives. We will review all parts of speech on Thursday and will take a test on them on Friday. You will have the entire class period Friday to complete the test. Questions or concerns, please see me.

Tuesday- Review the types of nouns and pronouns. Bring binder to class tomorrow.
Wednesday- Ensure note packet is complete, review types of pronouns and adjectives.
Thursday- Test tomorrow! Study nouns, pronouns and adjectives. Know how to identify adjectives.
Friday- Read. Enjoy the weekend

English 9
We are moving along very quickly with parts of speech and I expect to have a test on nouns, pronouns and adjectives mid-week next week. This week we will continue to review nouns and pronouns, but will begin discussing adjectives. We will learn how to use and identify them in sentences. You can expect a quiz on adjectives on Friday.

Tuesday- Review types of nouns and pronouns. There are several, know how to identify each. Please come to class on Wednesday with any questions you have. Bring binder to class tomorrow.
Wednesday- Review adjectives. How are they used. Study nouns/ pronouns vs. adjectives
Thursday- Quiz tomorrow! Study adjective questions and use
Friday- Read. Enjoy the weekend.

By the time you read this you will probably already have taken your first quiz for this class. Congratulations!
This week we will be studying the Greek gods of Mt. Olympus. They are called Olympians and they are the group of most powerful Greek gods in Greek mythology. Our first project will be a poster of an assigned Olympian. You will receive a handout detailing the information required on the poster and you will have 2 class periods to complete this poster. Your diligence during these work periods will be factored into your grade. I will provide you with a poster sized piece of paper as well as markers and color pencils. If you wish to use a difference size/ style poster board or other art supplies you will need to bring them to class with you on Thursday and Friday. You will also need to draw or print pictures of your gods. If you do not have a computer/ printer to complete this, please see me before Thursday.

Tuesday- Research Olympic god
Wednesday- Print pictures for Olympic god poster
Thursday- Finish any research and print any additional pictures needed for poster
Friday- Finish poster.
Poster due: Monday

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