Monday, October 31, 2016

Week of October 31st

This week we finish the 1st marking period. I hope that this sets a standard that we can use to improve for the rest of the year. This week will be a mix of vocabulary and literature and myth classes will begin a new project. We are going to be busy.

Honors English 9:
This week you have 2 major assignments: a paper on literature from Unit 1 and a test on A Separate Peace. The paper will be due on Tuesday and your test will be Wednesday. We will spend Tuesday reviewing for the test.  For the second half of the week, we will begin the next unit. The essential question for Unit 2 is: What does it take to survive?

Monday- Finish your paper. It is due tomorrow.
Tuesday- Study for your test tomorrow.
Wednesday- Read something you enjoy
Thursday- Read something you enjoy
Friday- Finish reading "The Seventh Man" from your textbook

English 9:
This is another vocabulary week so as always you will have sentences due Wednesday and a quiz on Friday. In between, we will be pushing through The Outsiders.

Monday- Review vocabulary words
Tuesday- Finish vocabulary sentences
Wednesday- Study vocabulary
Thursday- Study vocabulary words for you test tomorrow
Friday- Read something you enjoy

We will finish up "Cupid and Psyche" this week and your quiz will be on Tuesday. After that, we will move on to our next project. This project will be a bit different than any others we have done and I will explain it on Monday. You will be assigned a myth and be asked to become an expert on it because you will then teach it to your peers. The process is reciprocal and we will complete it in class on Wednesday. You will have a quiz on these myths on Friday.

Monday- Study "Cupid and Psyche"
Tuesday- Read assigned myths
Wednesday- Complete 8 Tales of Lovers worksheet
Thursday- Study 8 Tales of Lovers for quiz
Friday- Find an example of Greek mythology in an advertisement

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