Monday, November 14, 2016

Week of November 14th

This is our last full week before Thanksgiving and we all know how quickly the 2nd quarter will fly once we start breaking for holidays. Please stay diligent with your classwork as all classes will be given quizzes this week and some will have projects or writing assignments due.

Honors English 9
This week we are going to begin reading an editorial from Unit 2 called "The Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt." We will put this editorial in conversation with short story "The Seventh Man" and the way our character felt after he survived the typhoon. You can expect a quiz on this selection on Wednesday. It will be entirely multiple choice and questions will be crafted in a way similar to "The Seventh Man" quiz. These quizzes are not easy, but with more practice we will earn higher and higher scores as well as better prepare for state tests administered in the future.

After reading and testing on "The Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt," we will move to reading another type of literature: poetry. We will read 3 poetry selections from our textbook and learn how to analyze poetry and find meaning in the lines. Don't fret! Poetry is not as scary as it might at first seem and with some practice, I have no doubt you guys will be poetry expects in no time!

Monday- finish Critical Review, if you have not yet done so
Tuesday- study for "The Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt" quiz tomorrow
Wednesday- read something you enjoy
Thursday- read a poem your interested in
Friday- find a poem to share with the class next week that relates to our essential question: What does it take to survive?

English 9
This week we will finish The Outsiders chapter 8, if your class hasn't already do so. Period 2 will have a quiz on Outsiders chapters 5 through 8 on Wednesday. This quiz will primarily focus on plot, sequence of events and character development. After the quiz, we will move on to read a selection from the textbook called "Quilt of a Nation." This will broaden our understanding of the essential question for this unit: What does it mean to be American?

In period 5, our schedule will look different. We will do a second read through "Quilt of a Nation" and prepare to take a quiz on this selection on Wednesday. We will discuss and practice close reading strategies to help prepare for the quiz. The quiz will  be entirely multiple choice and modeled after the types of questions you will have to answer on state tests you'll take in the future.

Homework for Period 2:
Monday- ensure all study guide questions for chapters 5 through 8 are complete
Tuesday- complete critical thinking questions for chapters 7 and 8. Study for quiz tomorrow
Wednesday- read something you enjoy
Thursday- review the story selection we read in class today, be sure you can summarize a main idea
Friday- prepare for quiz on "Quilt of a Nation" on Monday or Tuesday

Homework for Period 5:
Monday- review "Quilt of a Nation," ensure you can summarize and find the main idea
Tuesday- study for "Quilt of a Nation" quiz tomorrow
Wednesday- read something you enjoy
Thursday- ensure questions for The Outsiders chapter 9 are complete
Friday- read something you enjoy

This week we will finish up with "The Quest of the Golden Fleece" and move into our next myth "Perseus." You will have Monday to complete your comic strip and that will be due Tuesday. Please be sure to hand in your comic strip on Tuesday even if members of your group will be absent that day.

Tuesday through Friday we will read "Perseus." This myth is not as long as the "Golden Fleece" and you can expect a quiz on it on Friday. We will spend next week watching a modern day film adaptation of "Perseus."

Monday- finish "Golden Fleece" comic strip
Thursday- prepare for "Perseus" quiz
Friday- read something you enjoy!

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