Monday, November 7, 2016

Week of Nov. 7th UPDATED

Please note this post has been updated to reflect new due dates. All updates are indicated in red.

This is the first full week of the 2nd marking period. I hope that you reviewed your grades with your parents and guardians and you are looking to make improvements for the next report card. My expectations will be a bit higher this marking period so please be sure to adhere to deadlines, contact me with any concerns and check your grade often.

Honors English:
This week we will continue reading our first selection from Unit 2: "The Seventh Man." We will spend more time on this excerpt than we have on selections from the textbook in the past and you will have a test on the reading. You can expect this test to fall on Wednesday, 11/9. This test will be aligned with Common Core standards and will prepare you for your Keystone exams in the spring. After the test, we will discuss our next type of writing: the critical essay. We will spend Thursday writing a critical response to this story and on Friday we will hear a radio broadcast that elaborates of the themes of this story.

Monday- Finish reading "The Seventh Man"
Tuesday- Study for "The Seventh Man" quiz
Wednesday- Period 3: Study for "The Seventh Man" quiz
Thursday- Complete Critical Response for "The Seventh Man"
Friday- Read a book you enjoy!

Period 3: You will have your quiz on "The Seventh Man" on Thursday. 

English 9:
We are making a big push this week with The Outsiders. We will forgo vocabulary in an effort to make significant progress in the novel. You will have your second quiz on the novel (chapters 5 through 8) this Friday or next week, depending on what period you are in. This also means you will have Critical Thinking questions for homework. Please be sure you are keeping up with your study guide as it is worth a significant number of points. An assignment this large will impact your marking period average, so let's start off on a good foot!

Monday- Period 2: Ensure all questions for chapters 5 and 6 of The Outsiders are complete
Tuesday- Period 2: Ensure you have examples of each type of figurative language from chapters 5 and 6 written in your study guide
Wednesday- Period 2: Complete Critical Thinking Questions for chapters 5 and 6
                     Period 4: Study for quiz on chapters 5 through 8
Thursday- Period 4: Study for quiz on chapters 5 through 8
Friday- Read something you enjoy!

Period 2: You will have your quiz on chapters 5-8 of The Outsiders next Friday, 11/18.

We will finish "The Question of the Golden Fleece" this week. It will take a few days as the story is somewhat complex and the characters are easily confused. You can expect a quiz on this myth on Thursday, 11/10.
After "The Golden Fleece" we will move into the myth of "Perseus." We will complete a study guide on this myth and a quiz. You can expect the quiz early next week, plan on Monday. If time allows, we will watch a film to accompany this myth.

As I mentioned to you last week, I would like to pick up the pace to leave time this marking period for the Odyssey. Please keep up with assignments, especially if you have been absent.

Tuesday- Review "Golden Fleece" background information
Wednesday- Review "Golden Fleece" plot
Thursday- Study for "Golden Fleece" quiz. Review "Golden Fleece" study guide. Ensure it is complete.
Friday- Read something you enjoy!

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