Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week of November 29th

This is a short week to help us recover from Thanksgiving. You should be aware that progress reports will be reported next Tuesday. This means that you are nearly half way through the 2nd marking period. Please keep an eye on your grades and be sure you are happy with the grades you are earning.

Honors English 9
This week we are going to finish working with poetry. We will complete the poetry notes from last week, read poems from the literature textbook and complete an analysis packet for selected poems. You will write and annotate your own poems next week and you will get a test on poetry late next week.

Tuesday- Complete Comprehension Check Questions for the poems read in class today
Wednesday- Complete questions on the Wordsworth poem "Wandering" from the poetry packet
Thursday- Complete questions for the 2 Langston Hughes poems from the packet
Friday- Be sure the poetry packet is complete. It will be collected and checked on Monday.

English 9
Period 2
We will continue reading The Outsiders this week and prepare for our next quiz on the novel. The next and final quiz for the novel will be on chapters 10 through 13. You should be completing your study packet as we read to help prepare you for the upcoming quiz.

Tuesday- Figurative language examples and comprehension questions
Wednesday- Figurative language examples and comprehension questions
Thursday- Figurative language examples and comprehension questions
Friday- Complete Critical Thinking questions for chapters 9 and 10

Period 5
This week we will continue watching The Outsiders. Please be sure you are completing the comparison chart to note the differences between the film and the novel. We will be using this information to help us complete the final project for The Outsiders.

Thursday- Be sure comparison worksheet is complete. Brainstorm project ideas
Friday- Plan your project

This week we will finish the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. We will have a brief discussion regarding the similarities and difference between the film and the movie and then move on to our next myth, "Hercules." I expect to finish reading this myth this week meaning you should be prepared for a quiz on the myth early next week.

Wednesday- finish reading "Hercules" and complete the worksheet
Thursday- Study for "Hercules" quiz

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