Monday, December 12, 2016

Week of December 12th

This week is our last full week before Christmas. This means we will be finishing our work with poetry, The Outsiders and our review board games. Our regular class schedule will be disrupted a couple times this week (Monday's 2 hour delay and Wednesday's data delay). This means that we have to be diligent with completing the work on our current units so we can direct our attention to the second-half of the year and mid-terms after Christmas break.

Class plans for this week have been changed. Please see updates below.

Honors English 9
This week we are going to complete our poetry project and take a quiz on poetry. We will spend Monday and Tuesday writing poems for your poetry project. These poems have very specific requirements so please be sure to consult your rubric as you write. After the poems are written, we will transpose them to posters and make them aesthetically pleasing. I hope to display these poems around the room as I am very proud of the progress we have made both writing and analyzing poetry!

Monday: Finish poem rough draft.
Tuesday: Work on poem poster.
Wednesday: Study for poetry quiz.
Thursday: Complete poem poster.
Friday: Read something you enjoy!

English 9
Period 2
This week we are going to finish up the bulk of our work with The Outsiders. You will begin your final project for this novel on Monday. You will be placed into groups and have 3 project ideas to choose from: a graffiti board, a map or a movie poster. You will have all class on Monday and Tuesday to work on these projects. Wednesday, we will review for your quiz on chapters 9 through 12 of the novel and Thursdayyou will take that quiz. We will spend the remainder of the week completing the final projects.

Monday: Continue work on Outsiders poster project.
Tuesday: Begin reviewing for Outsiders chapters 9-12 quiz.
Wednesday: Study for Outsiders chapters 9 through 12 quiz.
Thursday: Continue working on Outsiders final project.
Friday: Read something you enjoy!

Period 5
This week you will finish your Outsiders final project. You will have Monday in class to finish your projects. Any remaining work will need to be completed Monday night for homework. On Tuesday, we are going to begin reviewing for our quiz on the last 4 chapters of the novel. Wednesday we will have a formal review and you will take this quiz on Thursday. Please be sure to bring your white literature books to class with you on Thursday and Friday.

Monday: Work on Outsiders poster project.
Tuesday: Begin studying for Outsiders chapters 9 through 12 quiz.
Wednesday: Study for Outsiders chapters 9 through 12 quiz.
Friday: Read something you enjoy!

This week you will finish your review game boards. You will have Monday and Tuesday in class to work on these projects and they will be due on Wednesday. For the remainder of the week, we will cover some background information before we begin reading The Odyssey. We will spend longer on this myth than we have on any other. There are several reasons for this. First, this piece of literature has notable cultural significance and has influenced arguably every piece of literature produced since its publication. Second, this is one of the most widely known stories in the history of written record. And Third, this myth is the longest we have encountered and its story is more complex than the others we have worked with.

Monday: Work on game board project.
Tuesday: Complete game board project.
Friday: Read something you enjoy!

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