Monday, January 30, 2017

Week of January 30th

Post was updated to accommodate Tuesday's snow day. All changes are in red.

In every class this week, we are going to be reading and analyzing literature. We're getting deeper into our respective works and I'm sure we will be doing more analyzing this week than we did last. With each class this week, I want to focus on the differences between a first read, and a close read.

CDT Testing will occur for my classes on Wednesday, February 15th and Thursday, February 16th. Make-up testing will be Friday, February 17th. 

Academic English 9
We're going to continue reading The Outsiders and take our first quiz on chapters 1 through 4 on Friday. We will review for the quiz briefly on Thursday. The rest of the week will be spent reading chapters 3, 4 and 5 as well as answering questions for the study guide for the respective chapters. 

The study guide for chapters 1 through 4 will need to be entirely complete by Friday. I will be checking the packets for points while you take your quiz.

Monday- Finish all questions for chapters 1 and 2
Tuesday- SNOW DAY
Wednesday- Finish comprehension questions for chapters 3 and 4
Thursday- Study for quiz on chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Friday- Read a piece of literature that makes you forget about time!

Honors English 7
We are going to spend a good portion of this week talking about the differences between a first-read and a close-read. We will complete our first read of the short story on Monday and you will complete comprehension questions based on what you remember. On Tuesday, you will individually complete a close read and answer questions regarding specific passages from the text. Wednesday and Thursday will be spend reviewing figurative language and comparatives in order to prepare for you quiz on the selection. This quiz will be given on Friday. 

Monday- none
Tuesday- SNOW DAY
Wednesday- Complete figurative language worksheet
Thursday- Study for quiz on "Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed"
Friday- Read something you enjoy!

English 11
We're going to take our first quiz on Of Mice and Men early this week. Monday we will review and finish work on chapter 2. Tuesday you will take the quiz. Wednesday and Thursday will be spent continuing reading and Friday we will be focused on writing about literature. We will use the individual paragraphs you are writing for each chapter to build to a larger writing assignment at the end of the novella.

Monday- Complete chapter 2 study guide. Study for quiz!
Tuesday- SNOW DAY
Wednesday- Complete chapter 3 study guide questions
Thursday- Review chapter 3
Friday-  Complete chapter 4 study guide

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