Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week of January 3rd

Welcome back to school! Hopefully you're feeling rejuvenated by our holiday break and are ready to get back into your school schedule. You have mid-terms coming up soon so please start preparing for them soon!

This week we will try to finish all of the units we were working on before break. I will be transferred to different classes beginning on January 13th, so I want to be sure we have everything completed by then.

Honors English classes will work on vocabulary this week. Period 2 English will finish working with The Outsiders novel and film. Period 5 English will finish working with the short story "The Seventh Man" and will take a quiz on it. And Mythology classes will finish reading, and take a quiz on, "The Adventures of Odysseus."

Honors English 9
This week we will complete our 4th vocabulary unit. Because the list is shorter than usual, your sentences will still be due on Wednesday. Please keep in mind you will only have one night to complete your sentences instead of the usual two. We will review the vocabulary on Thursday and take a quiz on the list on Friday.

Tuesday: Write vocabulary sentences
Wednesday: Review vocabulary definitions
Thursday: Study for vocabulary quiz
Friday: Read something you enjoy

English 9
Period 2
Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent watching The Outsiders film. We will use the second half of class on Wednesday to discuss the similarities and differences between the novel and the film and why the author/ director would choose to make those decisions.
Thursday and Friday we will begin reading our next short story from Unit 2, "The Seventh Man." This is a story about survival and will help answer the unit's essential question. You will take a quiz on this short story early next week.

Tuesday: Complete worksheet for The Outsiders film/ novel comparison

Period 5
We will finish reading and summarizing "The Seventh Man" on Tuesday. Wednesday we will complete a close read of the story and prepare for you quiz. On Thursday, you will take a quiz on the short story. This is a quiz from the book, please be sure you are studying the vocabulary and the main events of the story. Take notes during our review.

Tuesday: Review main ideas and vocabulary for "The Seventh Man" quiz
Wednesday: Study for "The Seventh Man" quiz
Friday: Complete quiz corrections for "The Seventh Man"

This week we will finish reading "The Adventures of Odysseus" from our textbook. You will take a quiz on this reading on Friday.

Wednesday: Review for "Odysseus" quiz
Thursday: Study for "Odysseus" quiz

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