Monday, February 27, 2017

Week of February 27th

Mid-year CDTs are now behind us and this week we will get back on track with the work we were doing before we began testing. This week will focus on responding to literature in all classes. Each class will finish reading the literature they have been working through, if they have not done so already. Some classes will work on writing as a response to literature and other classes will begin other projects related to the literature. Either way, this is a heads up that you will have assignments worth large amounts of points coming up. Being just over half-way through the marking period, these grades will have a significant impact on your marking period average!

English 9
Monday we are going to read chapter 11 of The Outsiders. We will read chapter 12 on Tuesday and that will bring the novel to a close. This means you will have a quiz on chapters 9 through 12 on Wednesday. Your study guides will be due on the same day. These packets will be worth 57 points.
Thursday and Friday we will watch the film The Outsiders  to prepare for your final project on the novel.

Monday: Finish chapter 11 study guide questions
Tuesday: Finish any Critical Thinking and Post Reading questions you did not finish in class. Study for quiz.
Friday: Choose novel project

English 7
We are going to continue our practice with Text Dependent Analysis this week with the article "Warning! This Trip to Mars Might Bore You to Death!". We completed our first read of this article on Friday, will complete the second on Monday and the third on Tuesday. We will continue to discuss the different goals for each read and how we can prepare for writing as we read. You will then conduct your own research on the topic of space travel to Mars and write an editorial on whether or not we should travel to Mars.


English 11
We finished our writing workshop on Friday and you will begin brainstorming for you Of Mice and Men paper on Monday. By the end of class Monday, I expect you to have a thesis on which your paper will be based. We will continue through the writing process for the remainder of the week and your paper will be due to me next Monday, 3/6. Your paper must be typed! If you expect to have difficulty typing your paper, see me before Friday.

Monday: Write thesis to be approved on Tuesday.
Tuesday: Finish outline for Wednesday.
Thursday: Finish typing rough draft for peer review tomorrow.
Friday: Revise paper and type final copy. Paper is due on Monday.

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