Monday, February 6, 2017

Week of February 6th

It's February, the coldest month of the year. To me, that means it's an excellent opportunity to stay inside and read! Hopefully you use the low temperatures to your advantage and do the same at least once or twice this month.

All of our classes are going to continue working with the literature we have been working on. English 11, this week will potentially bring Of Mice and Men to a close and I'm looking forward to the discussions of morality we will have. English 9, we're going to push forward with The Outsiders. English 7, we are going to continue working through Unit 2. This means a new piece of literature as well as a new writing task for us to complete. 

Academic English 9
We will continue reading The Outsiders this week and you will likely have your second quiz on the novel on Friday. As you are aware, this also means I will be checking your study guides to be sure you are answering both the comprehension and critical thinking questions, as well as the figurative language charts. Please make sure you are keeping up with these as we read. It is much easier to complete it in small sections than to try and fill it all in before it is collected.

Tuesday- Complete critical thinking questions for chapters 5 and 6 
Wednesday- Review for quiz on chapters 5 through 8. 
Thursday- Complete critical thinking questions for 7 and 8. Study for quiz.
Friday- Enjoy your weekend.

Honors English 7
This week will start with quiz corrections from the quiz we took on Friday. Tuesday we are going to listen to a radio adaptation of the short story we read last week. We will have a discussion of the differences and similariaites we notice between the 2 versions and what implications those changes have on the mood and theme of the story. Towards the end of the week we will be reading a news article "Danger! This Mission to Mars Could Bore You to Death!." All of these readings are leading up to an argumentative writing assignment we will begin next week.

Monday- Finish quiz corrections

English 11
We are going to continue reading Of Mice and Men this week. I expect to finish reading chapter 4 on Tuesday and we will complete the study guide at that time. You can expect a quiz on chapters 3 and 4 to come in the second half of the week. I am expecting the quiz will fall on Thursday.

Tuesday- Finish chapter 4 study guide
Wednesday- Study for quiz

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