Monday, October 23, 2017

Week of October 23rd

This week is Red Ribbon Week. The theme for the week is "Your future is key, so stay drug free!" This campaign is a movement to stand against drug use and emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

English 7
On Monday we will review common, proper, abstract and concrete nouns. You will have a test on nouns on Friday, but I will not be reviewing every day this week. Please make sure you are studying the types of nouns on your own to prepare for your test. You use use your guided notes from last week as well as the practice exercises to prepare.

On Tuesday, we will begin learning about verbs and adverbs. You must have a noun (subject) and a verb to make a complete sentence. After our lessons on verbs and adverbs, you should be able to identify and correct fragment sentences. We will continue reviewing verbs and adverbs through Thursday.

Monday: Review common nouns
Tuesday: Review proper nouns
Wednesday: Review abstract nouns
Thursday: Review concrete nouns and study for test
Friday: Read something you enjoy for at least 20 minutes

English 8
On Monday we will review our parts of speech test from last week. I noticed that our biggest area of weaknesses are pronouns and adverbs. Because of this, we will do a quick review of nouns and then move to pronouns this week.

On Tuesday you will get notes on the 4 different categories of nouns. Your homework will be to complete sentences using specific types of nouns.

On Wednesday and Thursday we will move into pronouns and when to use them. Your homework will be to complete sentences using appropriate pronouns.

On Friday, you will write a paragraph using nouns and pronouns. You will have to identify each and use them correctly. Anything not finished will be homework.

Monday: Review noun notes
Tuesday: Finish sentences for nouns
Wednesday: Complete pronoun sentences
Thursday: Complete sentences for I/me pronouns
Friday: Read something you enjoy for at least 20 minutes

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