Monday, March 21, 2016

Week of 3/21-3/24

This week is a shortened week- no school Friday, March 25th!

Honors English 9
We will continue reading Great Expectations. Monday will start our second section of the novel, chapters 16 to 31. We will be freewriting, discussing and answering study guide questions this week for chapters 16 through 24.

Homework UPDATED:
Tuesday, finish reading chapter 18 for homework.
Wednesday, reach chapter 20 for homework and answer questions.
Thursday, read up to chapter 24 for Monday.

English 9
This week we are going to continue reading The Outsiders. Monday we will finish chapter 4 and answers questions from the study guide. Tuesday we will review chapters 1-4. There will be a quiz Wednesday on chapters 1-4.

Monday, complete study guide for chapters 3-4 (figurative language chart, reading questions AND critical thinking questions).
Monday and Tuesday, study for the quiz on chapters 1-4.

You are starting a research project this week!  You will be assigned a myth to read, research and teach. And will then create a quiz to test us on the myth. This project will be explained in depth on Monday and you will be given the remainder of the week to prepare your lesson. You will be assigned a day to present and will have 20 minutes to teach your myth.

Research your myth and create a powerpoint to present it. Develop a quiz.

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