Monday, March 14, 2016

Week of 3/14-3/18

Honors English: We will continue reading Great Expectations in class. You will be expected to read Chapters 12 and 14 at home and answer the corresponding study guide questions. You can expect a quiz on chapters 1-15 on Friday.

English 9: This week is a vocabulary week. We will copy definitions on Monday. Sentences for vocabulary words are due Wednesday and the vocabulary quiz will be Friday. We will review the words on Thursday.
On Tuesday and Wednesday we will continue reading The Outsiders. Be sure to have everything up to chapter 3 completed in the study guide by Tuesday.

Mythology: We will finish reading "Cupid and Psyche" this week and you can expect a quiz on that myth on Wednesday. After "Cupid and Psyche," we will move on to 8 Tales of Lovers. You will be broken into groups and assigned myths to read. You will then create critical thinking questions for your classmates to answer as they read the myths. Homework will include at home reading and answering questions.

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