Monday, April 11, 2016

Week of 4/11 to 4/15

This week we will be focusing on literature! We will talk about close reading, text-dependent analysis and main ideas/ supporting details.

Honors English 9:
We're making great progress on Great Expectations. You will have a reading quiz Monday for chapters 35-38. We will also go over all study guide questions.
For the rest of the week, we will continue reading until we hit chapter 44. You will have an announced quiz on chapters 32-44 on Monday 4/18.

Monday: Complete all study guide questions up to and including chapter 38
Tuesday: Read chapter 40
Wednesday: Reach chapter 42
Thursday: Finish reading chapter 44
Friday: Study for test Monday on chapters 32-44

English 9:
You have a test on direct and indirect objects on Tuesday 4/12. Please review!
For the rest of the week we will continue reading The Outsiders. We will read chapters 8 and 9 this week and you will have critical thinking questions for homework Wednesday night.

Monday: Review direct and indirect objects. Use Direct Objects (Pg. 1) #11-20 to practice.
Tuesday: Complete study guide questions up to and including chapter 8
Wednesday: Complete critical thinking questions for chapters 7 and 8

We will finish watching Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Tuesday. A discussion on the differences between classical Greek mythology and mythology on pop culture, specifically for the myth "Perseus," will follow. You can expect a quiz on "Perseus" on Wednesday. This quiz will be taken Wednesday whether we finish the movie on Tuesday or not.

Our next myth will be "Hercules." We will begin reading and discussing this myth on Wednesday and there will be a quiz on "Hercules" Friday or Monday. Over the weekend, you may watch the Disney film Hercules and compare and contrast the film to the Greek myth.

Tuesday: Study for "Perseus" quiz. Complete "Persues" study guide and Percy Jackson Venn diagram
Thursday: Study for "Hercules" quiz
Friday: Optional: Watch Hercules and compare and contrast to the original myth

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