Monday, April 18, 2016

Week of April 18th

Happy Spring, students! It has officially been Spring for nearly a month, but it seems like the weather is just now catching up. Enjoy it!

This will be another week of literature for most classes! English 9 classes will also complete vocabulary list 6B.

Honors English 9:
We are nearing the end of the novel. Start to look over your study guides from previous sections to prepare for our cumulative test.

Monday: Great Expectations quiz on chapters 32-44.
    Homework: Finish reading and answering study guide questions for chapter 45.
Tuesday: We will discuss chapter 45 and learn more background information on our author, Charles Dickens.
Wednesday: We will read chapters 45 and 47 in class.
     Homework: Finish reading and answering study guide questions for chapter 47.
Thursday: Read chapters 48 and discuss this section so far.
     Homework: Read chapter 49 and answer study guide questions.
Friday: Reading quiz on chapters 48 and 49.
     Homework: Read chapter 50.

English 9:
This week is a vocabulary week. You will get definitions on Monday, sentences will be due Wednesday and the quiz will be Friday.

Monday: Vocabulary 6B introduction and definition overview. You will have a quiz on Friday.
     Homework: Vocabulary sentences due Wednesday. Finish all study guide questions up to chapter 10.
Tuesday: Read The Outsiders chapter 10.
     Homework: Vocabulary sentences due tomorrow.
Wednesday: Finish reaching chapter 10 of The Outsiders. Answer study guide questions and discuss.
     Homework: Study for vocabulary quiz on Friday.
Thursday: Review vocabulary 6B. Answer any remaining study guide questions for chapter 10.
     Homework: Study for vocabulary quiz on Friday.
Friday: Vocabulary 6B quiz. Read chapter 11 and answer study guide questions.

We are moving into our final piece of literature for the class, The Odyssey!

Monday: Finish "Hercules" discussion and review for quiz. Begin introduction to The Iliad.
Tuesday: Take "Hercules" quiz and begin the film Troy.
Wednesday through Friday: Continue watching Troy and answering corresponding film guide questions.

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