Monday, October 10, 2016

Week of 10/10

Between Columbus day and Wednesday's data delay, this week is going to fly by for us all! English classes will continue working through the literature we have been reading and Honors classes will be assigned more chapters in A Separate Peace. English 9 classes will continue reading The Outsiders and fill out appropriate study guide questions. Mythology classes will continue researching and preparing for their presentations until the field trip.

Honors English 9
This week we're going to kick it into high gear with A Separate Peace. Last week's test was probably something very different for you and I know many of you struggled to finish in the shortened period. As I told you on Friday, do not panic. You will be given additional time on Tuesday to review and complete the test in class. We will then move to one of our last reading selections from the textbook for this unit. Please be sure you are bringing your textbook with you to class everyday this week.

Tuesday- Read A Separate Peace chapter 6. Be sure study guide questions for chapter 5 are complete.
Wednesday- Read A Separate Peace chapter 7. Be sure study guide questions for chapter 6 are complete.
Thursday- Read A Separate Peace chapter 8. Be sure you have all study guide questions up to, and including, chapter 8 finished.
Friday- Read a book of your choice! Enjoy it.

English 9
We are making progress with The Outsiders and we will continue working with this novel this week. We will also be reviewing the past vocabulary words this week. Please be sure you are not forgetting the definitions of these words as they will be popping up in class throughout the semester.

Tuesday- Please answer Critical Thinking questions 1 and 2 on page 8 of your Outsiders study guide
Wednesday- Please answer Critical Thinking questions 2 and 3 on page 8 of your Outsiders study guide.

The long awaited field trip to the Renaissance Faire has finally arrived! We will spend Tuesday continuing our research for our presentations and Wednesday will be spent reviewing the rules and expectations for the field trip. You will be receiving a packet for the Faire on Wednesday as well. Thursday we will travel to the Faire. The bus will be departing at 7:30 am sharp. Please arrive by 7:15. On Friday we will complete a writing assignment from the Faire.

Tuesday- Continue researching myths
Friday- Complete writing assignment. It is due Monday.

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