Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week of October 17th

This week I would like students from all classes to check their grades. Be sure that you know what your current grade is and determine if you would like to maintain or improve it. There are 2 weeks left in the marking period. With diligent work, that is enough time to improve your grade, however, it is also enough time for it to fall. Please try not wait until the end of the marking period to address me about concerns with your grade.

Honors English 9:
This week we will spend time familiarizing ourselves with our second vocabulary unit. The vocabulary words for Unit 2 are: 
  • abash
  • austere
  • derange
  • despondent
  • disconcert
  • downcast
  • harass 
  • languid
  • melee
  • mischance
  • misgiving
  • morose
  • privation
  • recoil
  • rue 
  • tribulation
Vocabulary weeks will always follow the same schedule. We will copy definitions for the words on Monday, sentences will be due Wednesday and the vocabulary quiz will be Friday.

Apart from vocabulary, we will continue reading and discussing A Separate Peace this week. I expect to finish up the novel by the end of next week. This means you can expect a test on the novel around November 1st. This date might change, but you should begin thinking about the test now.

Monday: Review definitions for vocabulary words 1-8. Write vocabulary sentences.
Tuesday: Review definitions for vocabulary words 9-16. Finish vocabulary sentences.
Wednesday: Read chapter 10 of A Separate Peace and complete chapter 10 study guide questions.
Thursday: Study for vocabulary quiz.
Friday: Read chapter 11 of A Separate Peace and complete chapter 11 study guide questions.

English 9:
This week we will work with our next set of vocabulary words. The vocabulary words for Unit 1B are: 
  • impunity 
  • morale
  • preoccupy
  • punctilious
  • reputable
  • solace
  • veracity
  • wary
Vocabulary weeks will usually follow the same schedule. Monday we will record definitions and begin writing sentences. Wednesday vocabulary sentences will be due and Friday a quiz on the words will be given. 

In addition to the vocabulary words this week, we will continue reading The Outsiders. You can expect a quiz on this novel once we finish reading chapter 4. This should come mid-week next week.

Monday: Continue writing vocabulary sentences.
Tuesday: Finish writing vocabulary sentences.
Wednesday: Study for vocabulary quiz.
Thursday: Study for vocabulary quiz.
Friday: Finish critical thinking questions for chapters 3 and 4 of The Outsiders.

This week you will finally get to present your myths and share your research with the class. Presentations will begin Wednesday and will conclude Friday. You should be prepared for a cumulative quiz on all presentations on Monday. A review will be provided on Friday.

Monday: Finish PowerPoint research and begin coordinating with your partner regarding your presentation.
Tuesday: Finish preparing your presentation. Finalize all presentation plans with your partner.
Wednesday: Review myths that were presented today.
Thursday: Review myths that were presented today.
Friday: Study for quiz on the myth presentations. Use your notes to help you.

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