Monday, April 17, 2017

Week of April 17th

I hope everyone enjoyed their beautiful Easter weekend! We're back now and ready to keep pushing toward the end of the year.

English 9
We will officially begin reading Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet this week. Characters will be read according to the parts assigned last week. Adjustments will be made as necessary. Throughout the week, we will be summarizing the plot of the play and prepare for a quiz on Act 1. You should expect to take this quiz on Friday, April 21st.

Wednesday: Study Act 1 to prepare for quiz.
Thursday: Study Act 1 to prepare for quiz tomorrow.
Friday: Read something you enjoy for 20 minutes!

Honors English 7
Monday and Tuesday you will be typing your memoir. The memoirs are due to me by the end of the school day on Tuesday. If you do not finish typing your essay by the end of class on Tuesday, you will need to make alternate arrangements to type the essay. If I do not have the essay by 2:30 on Tuesday, it will be late.

Monday: Type your memoir.
Tuesday: Memoirs were due today! If you didn't finish typing it, do so for homework!
Friday: Read something you enjoy for 20 minutes!

English 11
Monday and Tuesday of this week we will finish up our work on "Everything Stuck to Him." You can expect to have a quiz on this short story on Wednesday.
For the remainder of the week, we will begin working with the last short story from this unit, The Leap. You will complete a first read of that story for homework on Wednesday and the Comprehension Questions will be due Thursday. We will be studying the structure of this story and how it compares to the frame structure of "Everything Stuck to Him."

Monday: Finish writing dialogue
Wednesday: Read "The Leap" and complete Comprehension Questions
Thursday: Finish structure worksheet for "The Leap"
Friday: Read something you enjoy for 20 minutes!

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