Monday, May 1, 2017

Week of May 1st

It's May! We are in the home stretch and progress reports will be coming out early next week. Please be sure you have all assignments handed in before Friday.

English 9
We will read Act III this week of Romeo and Juliet. As you know, this is the climax of the play and there will be many things happening. Please be sure you are not only reading these scenes, but also understanding them. In addition to reading the text from your book, you can also read a modern translation of the play. One example of this can be found on the No Fear Shakespeare section of Sparknotes's website. Please utilize this resource, especially when you are preparing for a quiz on the Act.

Tuesday: Review scenes i and ii
Wednesday: Review scenes iii and iv
Thursday: Review scene v
Friday: Study for Act III quiz

English 7
This week we will finish our work with "Hey Come On Out" and move into our next writing assignment. Instead of writing another argumentative essay, you will be having a debate. This debate will require you to do research, identify important information and write an argument to prepare for the debate. You will have two classes in the library to do your research. You must have three sources- one newspaper article and one journal article are required. You will then have one day in class to re-read all of your sources and annotate them.

Next week, I will give you two days in class to work with your group and write your argument. Near the end of next week, we will have our debate!

Wednesday: Find newspaper article for debate and print it out
Thursday: Find journal article for debate and print it out
Friday: Find third source for debate and print it out

English 11
This week we will be focusing on a different kind of writing assignment, creative writing! You will have the opportunity to write a fictional narrative about a single conflict. You will incorporate elements of the short stories we have been reading in Unit 6 in your writing. For example, you will include dialogue in your story and you will have to determine your narrator's point of view. In addition, I want you to give consideration to the kind of structure your story will have. For example, will it be a frame story like "Everything Stuck to Him" or will it be a flashback like "The Leap"? The choice is yours!

Thursday: Finish rough draft of short story

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