Friday, October 6, 2017

Columbus Day Weekend!

This post has been updated concerning due dates and class schedule.

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy your long weekend this weekend!

I want to send out a reminder that we will have our first major writing assignment due at the end of class on Wednesday, October 18th. This assignment will be part of the most heavily weighted category of your grade so it will have a large impact on your marking period average! Use your rubric to revise and edit to make sure you do as well as you possibly can.

Students will have access to Chromebooks during class Tuesday (10/10)  through Friday (10/13) to type their essays. We will be using Google Docs for this assignment. One major benefit of Google Docs is that students can access and edit their essays from any computer with Internet access. All you need is your gapps email and password to log in to your account. Progress is automatically saved when working in Google Docs.

It is a requirement that this assignment is typed and I recognize not everyone can type at the same rate. I encourage students to get a pass from me to go to the library during their Academic Prep periods. Students can continue working on their essays from the library.

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