Monday, November 13, 2017

Week of November 11th

This week students are going to continue practicing and reviewing parts of speech. Seventh grade classes will move on to adjectives while eighth grade will be reviewing nouns, pronouns and verbs. Remember, you need a noun and a verb to make a sentence!

English 7
On Monday we will review the homework adjective worksheet in class. This worksheet was a way for me to gauge how comfortable you are with adjectives. We will also discuss the two different kinds of adjectives on the worksheet: cumulative and coordinate.
On Tuesday and Wednesday we will prepare a study guide for your upcoming test on adjectives. The test on adjectives will be on Friday, November 11th.
On Thursday we will practice using and identifying adjectives and review for tomorrow's test.

Tuesday: Review coordinate and cumulative adjectives
Wednesday: Review the 3 adjective questions
Thursday: Study for adjective test
Friday: Read something you enjoy for at least 20 minutes

English 8
On Monday we will review the Nellie Bly quiz from last week as well as spend time discussing our bellringer procedures. We will then move into some group work that will be very closely tied to your work in reading class.
On Tuesday and Wednesday you will work in groups to identify all parts of speech in your assigned page of Wiesel's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. This is a good review of nouns, verbs and pronouns in the context of a speech that was written and delivered by someone in real life.
On Thursday we will review your work with the Wiesel's speech to ensure you have identified all parts of speech correctly.

Wednesday: Finish work on assigned page of Wiesel's speech if you did not finish in class

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