Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Week of December 4th

This week classes will be preparing for the argumentative essay they will be writing for the second marking period. These essays will be due January 3rd, after winter break. Students will have December 13th to December 21st to type the essays in class. It is a requirement that these essays be typed.

English 7
This week students will focus on the 5 necessary pieces of an argumentative essay. They are:
1. Attention grabber
2. Transitions
3. Evidence
4. Counterclaim
5. Author's position
We will be doing station work in groups to identify and discuss these components of the essay. We will then begin practicing defending our own opinions, first informally then formally. Students will need to have a topic chosen for the argumentative essay by Monday, December 11th.

Wednesday: Read articles for tomorrow's debate
Friday: Choose topic for argumentative essay (Due: Monday)

English 8
This week students will identify evidence and counterclaims in editorials from major newspapers. We will discuss what types of evidence are most convincing to the reader and look more closely at the purpose of counterclaims. On Tuesday we will have an informal debate where students begin practicing defending their opinions with explanation. On Wednesday students will have to use assigned articles to defend their opinions with evidence from sources. By Friday students will be writing their theses for the argumentative essay due after winter break.

Tuesday: Read and take notes on articles for tomorrow's debate
Thursday: Choose topic for argumentative essay (Due: tomorrow)
Friday: Finish writing thesis for argumentative essay (Due: Monday)

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