Monday, February 26, 2018

Week of February 26th

This week marks the middle of Marking Period 3. Progress Reports will be sent home this week. If you receive a progress report, there is still time to pass for the third marking period. If you do not receive a progress report, it is still a good idea to check your current grade. It is good to know where you stand so that you can either continue your good work, or push yourself harder to earn the grade you know you can achieve!

English 7
This week we will be typing our Informative Essays. You are writing about a time, outside of school, when you learned an important lesson. The Informative Essay will be due on Monday, March 5th. That is one week today. The essay must be typed and printed by class on Monday. Please see me for a pass if you would like to continue working or print your essay during your Academic Prep period.

On Monday, you will write your introduction. It should include an attention grabber, a topic sentence, and your thesis statement.

On Tuesday, you will write your first body paragraph. This should contain your first main idea about your topic. Your paragraph should also have facts, examples and explanation that help your reader understand your main idea.

On Wednesday, you will write your second body paragraph. This should contain your second main idea about your topic as well as facts and examples that will help your reader understand.

On Thursday, you will write your third body paragraph. This will contain your third main idea about your topic and must include examples and explanations.

On Friday, you will write your conclusion paragraph. This paragraph will summarize your main ideas and should leave your reader with one final thought. Think about this question: If you want your reader to take only one thing away from your paper, what would it be? This is what needs to be in your conclusion.

*If you are absent any day this week, you will be behind. You must make up your work during AC prep. Please be sure to see me for a pass if you will need to type or print during your AC prep.

Monday: Finish introduction
Tuesday: Finish body paragraph 1
Wednesday: Finish body paragraph 2
Thursday: Finish body paragraph 3
Friday: Finish conclusion, proof-read essay, and print essay

English 8
This week we will be reading a short story titled "Flowers for Algernon." This short story is an excellent way to look at different kind of intelligence and it was so successful it was eventually made into a full-length novel!

We will complete our first read of the short story Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We will then write a summary for the short story on Thursday and loop back for a discussion on our unit's essential question on Friday.


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