Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Week of February 12th

This week all classes are working on writing assignments. Eighth grade is completing their formal writing assignment for Marking Period 3, a narrative essay. Seventh grade is completing a timed writing assignment responding to the short story "Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed." Both classes will be using the Chromebooks in class this week to type their essays. This week we will be trying to make up for the chaotic schedule of last week. The due dates for eighth grade writing assignments has not changed due to any weather delays or cancellations. The essays are still due Monday, February 19th.

English 7
Last week you learned how to read and break down an extended response question. You learned what part of the question to focus on and what part of the question to rephrase and respond to. You also had time to find evidence to support your response from the short story. This week, you are going to apply that knowledge and draft a response to the question you chose. We will be using Google Docs to draft these responses and they will be submitted via email. Please email your completed responses to me by 2:30 pm, Friday, February 16th.

Monday: Finish finding all evidence
Tuesday: Complete first draft response and email to me
Wednesday: Continue revising response
Thursday: Continue revising response
Friday: Email final response to me at mzangari@northschuylkill.net

English 8
You will have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to type your narrative essays this week in class. You have been allotted enough time to type and revise one paragraph per day. I will be reading each paragraph as you write it and giving you feedback to help you revise. After class on Thursday, any remaining work for you essay will need to be done in Academic Prep or after school. Please be sure to see me for a pass if you would like to continue working on your essay in Academic Prep. Your essays are due Monday, February 19th and they must be printed and ready to hand in by class that day.

Monday: Revise paragraph 2 of essay
Tuesday: Revise paragraph 3 of essay
Wednesday: Revise paragraph 4 of essay
Thursday: Revise paragraph 5 of essay
Friday: Print essay. Essay is due on Monday!

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