Monday, September 30, 2019

Week of September 30th

This week students will finish up their essays and we will move on to our first vocabulary unit. Students in both English 7 and English 8 will have a vocabulary quiz this week.

English 7
We will be completing Language Bellringer Week 2 this week.

On Monday and Tuesday students will continue typing their explanatory or informative essays. Students should aim to be finished typing all five paragraphs by the end of class on Tuesday. The essays are due October 10th. Though we will not be working on the essays in class after Tuesday, students will have one week to continue working on their essays outside of the classrooms. Students should see me for a pass to the library during their AC prep if they need to continue typing or print.

On Wednesday and Thursday we will review the vocabulary words, definitions, and roots from Unit 3 of the textbook. The vocabulary words can be found on page 227. Friday students will complete a practice worksheet for the words and definitions. On Monday, students will take a quiz on the 5 vocabulary words.

Friday- Study for vocabulary quiz

English 8
We will be completing Language Bellringer Week 2 this week.

Students will begin working on their first vocabulary unit on Monday. The vocabulary list will be from Unit 2 or the textbook and can be found on page 91. We will review and practice definitions in class on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday students will complete a study guide review to prepare for their vocabulary quiz. Students will take the vocabulary quiz on Thursday.

Students will not be typing their essays in class this week. The essays are due on October 4th. If students need to continue typing, or print, their essays they should see me for a pass to go to the library during an AC prep.

Wednesday- Study for vocabulary quiz
Thursday- Finish and print essay if necessary

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